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Then again, do we really need 3 stuffed bunnies for each child? Do we really need extra sugar? Do we really need 3 dozen dyed eggs when only a handful will be eaten? well off to the shops when baby wakes to see if easter stuff on sale to buy a bunch of junk for my brother and sister, and my kids if there is anything good for sale. If its not on sale til tomorrow, too bad. Not going to waste too much money on 5 seconds of excitement for grownups.


Hmm, didn’t do anything for the kids in the house… Took them to an easter hunt and crafts thrown by the city, to in-laws for breakfast, an aunts for another egg hunt and dinner, and to my moms tonight for dinner and possibly an egg hunt….

Didn’t even get my own kids anythings, not really sure if I’m being frugal, lazy, or disintersted in holiday (is my husbands dislike for celebrating actually rubbing off?!? actually feels like it as I’m not excited about holidays much….)

What to do…. What to do…. Need to get out of this funk….

Baby sick again. Just a cold but this is his 6th time getting sick… And he’s only 8 months. Poor kid. Probably cuz I’m always dragging him out with his toddler brother. He should have good immune system soon :-)

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